Getting adequate exercise is one way to control your weight and improve your heart health. Fortunately, you don't need to sign up for a gym membership to start getting fit. There are many home fitness products that you can use to improve your cardiovascular health in your house, apartment, or backyard. One such fitness product is a rebounder, which is similar to a trampoline designed for fitness use. Here are four reasons to invest in a rebounder for your home fitness needs:

1. Use your rebounder indoors or outdoors.

Rebounders can be used indoors or outdoors. Some people prefer to take their rebounders outside so they can enjoy the fresh air while they exercise. However, rebounders are small enough to be used indoors, which will allow you to continue working out, even when it's cold or rainy outside. Rebounders are suitable for apartment living as well. Since they don't take up much space, even people who live in small studio apartments can utilize rebounders.

2. Easily store your rebounder.

Rebounders are easy to store. Many of them have foldable legs and handles that allow rebounders to be stored flat when not in use. You can place your rebounder under your bed or couch or even store it in your closet for safekeeping. The ability to put your rebounder away at a moment's notice will allow you to entertain guests without fear of a cluttered house.

3. Engage in a variety of aerobic exercises.

Purchasing a rebounder will allow you to engage in a variety of aerobic activities. Simply bouncing on your rebounder is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that can also engage your core muscles. If you'd like to try a different form of exercise, you can find aerobics routines that take advantage of rebounders in addition to aerobic steppers and other equipment. Exercise videos that feature rebounder routines are easy to perform anywhere that you have access to a television or computer.

4. Encourage your kids to exercise.

Finally, rebounders are great ways to get kids to exercise. Children need physical activity just as much as adults do. Unfortunately, some kids would rather stay indoors to watch TV or play video games. Rebounders are similar to trampolines, which many kids find enjoyable. Introducing your child to a rebounder can help them get excited about working out. A set of rebounders is a great fitness investment for the whole family.