If you're looking to spend some time outdoors with your family, you have a number of different activities to consider. Hiking can be an option that offers a lot of benefits. Not only can hiking be a good source of exercise, but it's also a way that parents can get their children away from TVs, computers, and cellphones for a few hours. If you're fortunate enough to live in an area in which there are multiple places to go hiking, it's a good idea to evaluate a few details as you plan your outing. Here are some things that you should check about this family activity:

Route Elevation And Length 

If you're reading about different hiking routes online, you can often find out the elevation and length of each route. This information is especially important if your kids are on the younger side. While older children might find a long hiking route that has a significant elevation change to be a fun challenge, this may simply be too difficult for younger kids who lack endurance. Give some thought to your children's ages and fitness levels. There's nothing wrong with choosing a route that is relatively short and flat if your kids are young, as this will keep the hike easy and ensure that they have a good time.


When you're planning a family hike, it's nice to choose a route in which there are some unique sights to check out at one or more points along the route. For example, you may find a route that goes through a swampy area and has a few lookout points that allow hikers to see various birds. Interesting and new sights add excitement for your kids. If they're struggling at any point, you can remind them that you're getting close to a unique lookout sight and the opportunity to see something different. This may help them feel more encouraged to keep moving.


When possible, it's ideal if you can pick a hiking route that offers easy access to refreshments. For example, you might favor a route in which there's an ice cream shop just a mile or two away. It's fun to enjoy some refreshments after a family activity, and hiking will certainly work up your appetites. Once you're done the hike, you can surprise your kids by stopping for ice cream. As you enjoy your frozen treats, you can discuss your favorite memories of the hike. Look online to learn more about hiking and other family activities in your area.