If you're looking to feel and look better this summer, a Wildfit health coach can help you achieve your goals. When working with a Wildfit health coach, focusing on nutrition as the primary catalysts for weight management is an important philosophical shift for many clients.

Here are some ways to build diet and exercise habits to achieve the goals you create with your Wildfit health coach.


What and how we eat can be a manifestation of our habits. Your Wildfit health coach can help you develop sensible and sustainable exercise and diet habits to make your goals an extension of your choices.

  • The First 90: The first 90 minutes of your day can set a powerful tone. Your Wildfit health coach can help you plan out your first 90 minutes to include a few diet and exercise habits for you complete during these first moments of each day. For instance, you might begin your day with something easy, like drinking 10 ounces of water. You might follow your morning glass of water with a few push-ups or other body weight exercises. Once these routines are complete, you might move onto to eating a balanced breakfast.
  • Making a Plan: You can't adopt healthier habits without a little planning. In addition to plotting out the first 90 minutes of your day, your Wildfit health coach can help plan out your meals, snacks, and other wellness activities for the rest of the day. This includes developing a grocery shopping list or meal prepping plan to improve your likelihood of succeeding.


Understand the why behind your diet and exercise habits can be confusing. Your Wildfit health coach can also help you become more cognizant of the why's behind your wellness decisions.

  • Triggers: Many people run into issues with poor diet and exercise habits because they're coping with stresses. Your Wildfit health coach can provide daily reflection activities design to pinpoint the why's that lead to your wellness outcomes. Once you get into the habit of reflecting and analyzing your decisions, you can begin to recognize your triggers and neutralize them before they lead to negative wellness outcomes.
  • Affirmations: Setbacks are inevitable and unavoidable. Investing too much emotional energy into what might seem like a failure can sometimes obscure your many successes. Wildfit health coaches can provide you with affirmations to get your through the toughest parts of your wellness journey.

For more information about the Wildfit diet and how it could help you reach your health goals, talk to a Wildfit health coach in your area.