Adding weighted squats to your home-based workout regimen is an effective way to strengthen your lower body and improve your overall fitness. A good way to do proper squats is with a squat rack — something that you can buy at your local fitness equipment retailer. When you browse the selection of products, it will quickly become apparent that squat racks come in many styles. While a large one can be appealing for several reasons, you shouldn't overlook a small model. This device may simply consist of a pair of vertical bars that are connected at the bottom and that have a pair of hooks on which to place your barbell. Here are three benefits of a small squat rack.

It Fits In Your Home More Easily

While many people dream of having large spaces in their homes that they can use for working out, the reality is that most peoples' home gyms are on the smaller side. If space is at a premium in your home, a small squat rack can be the ideal size. You shouldn't have trouble fitting it into any space, whether it's a crowded basement, the corner of your garage, or somewhere else that you'll use for keeping in shape.

It's Easier To Move Around

Even if you plan to keep your squat rack in a specific part of your home most of the time, it can be nice to have the flexibility to move it around during certain occasions. For example, if a bunch of friends from school are going to visit you and lift weights together, you might want to do so outside where there's more room. It's very easy to transport a small squat rack outdoors and then return it back to where you got it afterward. With a larger product, this can be difficult without partly disassembling it.

It Can Seem Simpler To Use

If you're relatively new to working out with a squat rack, you might appreciate the simplicity of a small model. Larger models can sometimes seem a little daunting to novices, especially if they have a variety of functions that allow you to perform a wide range of exercises. It's important to be able to understand how to use a piece of fitness equipment right away, as feeling intimidated could limit your enthusiasm about working out. Don't hesitate to ask a salesperson at your fitness equipment store to point out some small squat racks for you to evaluate.