A type of exercise that will get people to use multiple groups of muscles is a full-body exercise. There are special exercise styles like this, but many of the most traditional exercise types fall into this category. 

Many Classic Stretching Exercises Cannot Be Completed Without the Use of Most Muscle Systems

People who are interested in trying types of exercises that will really engage multiple groups of important muscles might think that they'll need to learn completely new and innovative calisthenics that were invented relatively recently.

In fact, people have been doing push-ups for a long time, and these are exercises that qualify as full-body forms of exercise. Anyone who has ever completed a push-up knows that it takes a certain amount of effort even to get into the right position and that it is often difficult to rely on arm strength alone. People will naturally use several muscles as they do push-ups, even if they can draw on a lot of arm strength and even if they avoid straining other muscles. 

Lunges and squats will also qualify when it comes to anaerobic kinds of exercise that can help to tone the entire body. However, people can still use lots of very different muscles in important aerobic activities as well.

Aerobic Forms of Exercise Can Also Require the Use of Multiple Muscles

The people who run will often feel as if they are using a lot of muscles, and this is certainly true. Biking can also give people the chance the tone their lower backs, abdominal muscles, and legs even as they are raising their heart rates. Of course, people can get similar effects from just going up and down the stairs. 

Some Everyday Activities Will Give People the Chance to Use Several Different Groups of Muscles Simultaneously

Individuals who are frequently moving throughout the course of their days may already be using numerous muscles and muscle systems consistently. This is certainly the case for the individuals who consistently have to use stairs.

In the process of using even one flight of stairs, people will need to make use of most of their leg muscles and the muscles of their lower backs. They will also need to rely on their abdominal muscles and other back muscles for the sake of balance. The people who use handrails as they take the stairs during the day may also gradually tone their arm muscles.