If you have been spending more time at the gym, especially if you have been lifting weights, then you should consider adding some supplements to your diet. Lifting weights puts a lot of stress on the body. You are breaking down muscle fiber, and then expecting your body to recover. Bodybuilders and strength athletes know how important good nutrition is, and they also understand the importance of supplements.  Below is a list of three important supplements are going to help you after your heavy weight lifting sessions.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant. What this means is that it combats free radicals. Free radicals damage the cells in your body. They are not just caused by smoking, smog, and heavy drinking, they are also caused by stress (both physical and emotional). When you lift heavy weight, you are stressing the body. So, vitamin C is an important nutrient to have. It's also one of the most important supplements for bodybuilders because it is great for joints and collagen production.  If you have a sensitive stomach, you can get a buffered form of vitamin C that will be easier on your stomach.

Whey Protein

If you are lifting heavy weights, then you are probably looking to build muscle. You need to have lots of protein to get that muscle. If you are deficient in protein, then you will have little muscle growth. One way to get that extra protein is by getting whey powder. This is made from the protein in milk. It's a dry powder that is sold with flavorings (chocolate, strawberry, cookie dough, etc.) and can be added to milk or water. It's an awesome supplement to your regular daily meals. So, when you are done working out, you can drink a small whey protein shake. It's more convenient sometimes to have a shake as opposed to a huge meal of chicken or steak.


One very popular supplement to add post-post workout is glutamine. This is an amino acid that has a whole range of benefits, including the ability to stimulate new muscle growth. You can get this in a pill form or in a powder that you can add to your whey protein shake. Many whey protein shakes will have supplemental glutamine already in the mix, so it is best to make sure you read the ingredients on your protein shake before adding any more glutamine.